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Manduca Baby Carrier – Red

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Manduca Baby Carrier – Red 

Manduca Baby Carrier  -Red is a comfortable ergonomic carrier endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is designed to provide optimal comfort for parents and their baby.    This carrier is made with a blend of Cotton and Hemp  with 100% Certified Organic Cotton lining in the areas where baby has skin contact.

Offering excellent ergonomic support, this carrier comes with an integrated infant seat. This means that the carrier can be used from newborn (approx. 3.5 kgs) to approx. 5 months with this infant seat position then also used for carrying your little one up to 20kgs.  The infant seat positions your little one in the supportive “M” position with additional padding around their neck area.

Extendable Back Panel – The Zippered panel can be zipped open to extend the height of the front panel which supports your growing child as needed – making this an excellent child carrying solution for many years.


Out of stock

Manduca Baby Carriers:

Manduca Baby Carriers have been designed in Germany and holds high endorsements from both health professionals and highly acclaimed Baby wearing consultants.    Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Manduca Baby Carriers Features:

The Manduca Baby Carrier is specially designed to cater to the needs of newborns and infants from 3.5kg all the way to toddlers and pre-schoolers weighing up to 20kg.It has an integrated head and neck support (sleeping hood) that can be folded away when not required.

 Manduca Accessories: Manduca have a range of Fumbees which are a removable teething pad that can be positioned on the straps of your Manduca Carrier. This is in the area where your little one will snuggle, chew or suck when teething. These fumbees are a great accessory product and can be easily removed and washed to keep your carrier fresh.

Adjustable: The Manduca’s design allows it to fit baby wearers all the way from petite ladies to taller bigger fathers. The waist belt is able to extend all the way out to 140cm. This allows couples who are different sizes to share the same baby carrier comfortably.

3 Comfortable Carrying Positions: The Manduca baby carrier can be worn in the front, back and hip carry positions.

Ergonomic positioning for Parents and Child: The Manduca’s generously padded shoulder straps and anatomically shaped belt work together to distribute the weight from your child effectively, while your baby sits in the orthopedically recommended ‘M’ position.

Designed with Quality and Safety in mind:  100% nickel free zips and press studs by YKK and premium grade plastic buckles, Manduca carriers come with a 3 point release on the hip belt buckle to further reduce any risk of the buckle accidentally opening when your child is still in the Manduca.

Easy Wear and Easy Care: Rugged and durable and easy to clean. Machine Washable. Lightweight and compact design.

Further Helpful Information: for further helpful tips about the features and best use of the Manduca Baby Carriers please visit our: Manduca Videos and Frequently Asked Questions about Manduca.