Ergobaby Infant Insert – Orig. Cotton – Grey

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Quick Overview

The Ergo Baby'Heart2Heart' Infant Insert is a specially padded and shaped cushion that is quickly and easily placed in the carrier.

The Insert can be used with any models from the Ergo Baby range  (3 position and the new Ergobaby 360 4 position carriers and is required for use for the first 3-4 months, until baby has reached 5kgs or has developed good head control and core body strength to sit independently.

The design enables parents to ensure their newborn is positioned correctly on the pillow, keeping pressure off the developing sacrum, and supports the development of the spine and hips. It holds baby in a cozy, protected environment close to the heart, as well as in an ergonomically correct natural sitting position.

The following video outlines how to safely and easily use the infant insert from Newborn.

See below for Video for Infant Insert Use: From 3 months / From 4 to 5 months

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Out of stock

Ergobaby®, the award-winning designer of premium ergonomic baby carriers, introduces a new and improved Infant Insert designed for parents to safely and easily carry young infants in Ergobaby Carriers.

The Infant Insert is now available in three collections including Original, Organic and new Cool Mesh, with added breathability, helping keep baby cool in warm conditions. This improved Infant Insert design is tailored to meet baby’s needs, offering an easy-to-use, adjustable, and comfortable option to carry baby from early on. For young babies 3 to 5 kgs, the newly re-designed Infant Insert is the result of user focused research and parents’ real-world feedback.

New Infant Insert design features include:

More ergonomic – Revised pillow shape and closure at bottom of insert encourage proper leg positioning and a better ergonomic, seated position. Improved ease-of-use – Optional straps securely attach the insert to carrier to reduce insert shifting and keep insert and carrier attached when a parent removes the carrier. Maximized comfort – More breathable design keeps baby cool and comfortable in varied climates. Additional support – Padded back panel and neck cushion contours to baby’s spine while fully supporting baby’s head and neck. Neck cushion can be adjusted depending on the height of the baby, with clear snaps, for ideal support and fit.