Frequently Asked Questions about Hugabub Ring Slings

Q: What age and weight is the Hug-a-Bub® Traditional Ring Sling suitable for?
It is suitable for babies from birth age up until around age 3. It is recommended for babies up to 18 kg.

Q: I am a size 16, will the Hug-a-Bub® Traditional Ring Sling fit me?
It is designed to fit most sizes up to and including size 18. Smaller parents may find they have extra length in the tail and may prefer to tuck it up under the baby.

Q: My other carrier hurt my shoulders and back. Is the Hug-a-Bub® Traditional Ring Sling comfortable?
Yes. In a correctly worn ring sling, with your baby carried high, her weight is distributed evenly across your back and throughout your torso, rather than being focussed upon the shoulder muscles.

Q: Is the Hug-a-Bub® Traditional Ring Sling safe?
A: Yes. As long as you follow our user instructions and good common sense you will be able to see and feel that your baby is safe and secure. Our sling is made from 2 layers of woven cloth offering extra fabric strength.

Q: My baby doesn’t seem to like being carried in a sling, what can I do?
Most babies love to be carried close, especially if they have been carried since birth, however if you feel a little apprehensive, it is likely your baby will too. Make sure you don’t feel rushed or anxious and begin using the sling only when your baby is tired, well fed and relaxed. Place your baby in the upright position with his head and or arms out of the sling until you feel he is relaxed.

Check he is well supported and secure. Go for a little walk, dance or move if you can. Movement usually does the trick and as your baby relaxes, you might try to tuck more of his body in (if newborn) or just allow him to drift into sleep.

Whenever possible, let your baby continue to sleep in the sling as you go about your day. Repeat this process a few times and you will find your baby begins to settle quickly when placed in the sling, as he will associate the sling with positive, snug, protected feelings.

Q: The sling looks so easy to use, but I’m having difficulty getting it ‘just right’. Am I doing something wrong?
A: Don’t expect to be an instant expert. Just like breastfeeding, ‘babywearing’ in a sling is an art that takes a bit of patience and practise. Keep referring to your instructions for keys to correct wearing. Practising in front of a mirror can give you visual clues to what may be the problem. Try your baby in a few positions as he may have a preference, but remember his preferences may change, which is only natural. Before you know it you be a confident and carefree sling wearer.

Q. I have trouble pulling the tail through the rings easily.
A: You should be able to pull the tail through the rings or isolate and pull any one part of it to adjust the top, middle or the bottom RAIL (refer instructions). If you cannot it is usually because either you are not supporting your baby’s weight up at carrying height or the fabric threaded through the rings is twisted. Ensure the fabric is evenly separated and threaded through the rings should allow you to isolate the top (outside of pouch), middle (depth of pouch) or the bottom (or inside pouch) RAILS.

Q: Why do the rings ‘travel’ when I adjust the tail?
A: The rings will travel if you do not secure the sling fabric down by your side with the arm opposite the rings. As you pull on the tail, unless you have trapped the body of sling by your side, the entire sling will travel too, bringing the rings further around to the front. This is generally not desired as it decreases the size of the pouch, leaving less room for your baby.

Q: Why do my neck and shoulders get sore?
This will only happen if the shoulder pad is too close the crook of your neck where your shoulders muscles join. Ensure the shoulder pad is well away from the side of your neck and the rings are below your clavicle bone, below your shoulder.

Q Could my baby slip out of the bottom of the sling?
It is important to be certain that you have created a ‘seat’ with the lower rail of the pouch and that you have pulled this rail firm. It should rest behind your baby’s knees and should never feel loose.

Q: How do I wash my sling?
A: We recommend that you always wash the sling separately in cold water either by hand (or gentle machine wash), line dry in shade and warm iron to finish. To avoid getting wrinkles in between uses, gently fold sling over itself, rather than scrunching into a ball.