Frequently Asked Questions about Caboo Carriers:

How to choose between the Caboo NCT and the Caboo Organic?

Caboo NCT

  •  Caboo NCT is the newest member of the Caboo family
  •  One of the few carriers that can be used from day one, including premature babies (2.27kgs +). It is perfectly designed to provide the very best carrying experience from birth to independence, offering parents an affordable way to nurture and care for their baby with all the freedom of being hands free.
  •  Caboo NCT combines some new materials and subtle design changes to deliver a flexible ‘light’ version of our tried and trusted Caboo+ Organic carrier – well-loved for its ease and attention to baby’s posture. The end result is a high quality carrier that makes choosing to carry that bit easier on the pocket! Its active yet understated gender neutral looks make Caboo NCT equally accessible for both Mum and Dad.
  •  Main features: Suitable from birth (2.27kgs) (Safety tested to 15kgs) 4 different carry positions (including a discreet feeding position * and forward facing) Baby is held high in the best position for their developing spine (“frog legged’) Easily adjustable to fit most wearers: simply pull fabric through rings to tighten * Easy to use and comfortable thanks to soft flexible straps Excellent weight distribution over both shoulders Anchored cross reduces strain on wearer’s shoulders and back
  • Complies with EN13209-2:2005,TR16512 and the T.I.C.K.S. for safe carrying.
  • *Caboo NCT works in an identical way to Caboo +organic but please note due to maximum strap width you may not be able to use the breast feeding position for as long and the overall sizing won’t be as flexible.

Caboo Organic

  • Caboo is made from Certified 100% Organic cotton and is only dyed using Oeko-tex standard dyes that contain no harsh or harmful chemicals.
  • Caboo is simple and easy to use by yourself, it goes on quickly and easily and can adjust to fit all wearers by simply pulling the fabric through the rings.
  • Your baby will be held high and close to your heart providing natural reassurance and a feeling of security for you both. When you Caboo, your baby is fully supported from the top of their head to the base of their spine and behind their knees with less strain on their developing hips.
  • They will sit  in a ‘frog legged  position’ which is a very natural position for baby and naturally places less weight and strain on their developing hips.
  • Caboo is supremely comfortable for you too, our soft wide straps spread the weight of your little one evenly over both shoulders and the fixed cross provides excellent back support and will help reduce the strain on your shoulders.
  • Carefully streamlined to maintain flexible sizing but reduce the amount of excess fabric.
  • No need for tying!
  • As you would expect Caboo adheres to  EN 13209-2:2005 and the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe baby carrying.