Frequently Asked Questions about Boba Carriers:

How many Carry Positions does the Boba Carrier cater for?

The Boba baby carrier can be worn for a comfortable  front and back carry  positions.

Do I need a separate Infant Insert for a newborn child?

The Boba features an Infant Integrated Insert – an insert that, when snapped together, can allow a newborn to comfortably sit in the fetal-tuck, froggy style. When the baby is older and is able to spread his legs, the insert can be unsnapped to allow the child to sit in a supported M-position. The Infant Integrated Insert can be removed completely when it is no longer required.

What weight can a Boba Carrier carry?

From Newborn to 20kgs.

Extra Features of the Boba

  • The Boba Carriers come with removable foot straps to provide support for the legs of an older child.
  • Purse strap holders and pocket.