The Amazing Benefits of Baby Wearing- (keeping your little one “Cuddle Close”)

The Baby Carrying Years

The first 4 years of a child’s life are referred to as the Carrying Years. Children in all cultures need to be kept close to their parents for safety and practical reasons. It is a natural part of life and research now clearly indicates that there is so much more to Babywearing – with benefits to support your little one to thrive in every area of their development.

Use of an ergonomic solution for carrying your little one

– has huge benefits in protecting the parents back – by positioning you in a symmetrical position without the lean and twist on the spine and by evenly distributing your baby’s weight.  This enables you to keep your baby cuddle close to you in daily activities where they can continue to hear your heart beat, voice and adjust to the world with their parent to guide and keep them safe.

Supporting your little one to Thrive:

Keeping your little one close – supports them to feel safe and secure and positions their central nervous system in the calm and alert state. This has benefits for their Neurological development, Sensori -Motor development, Vestibular Balance System, Physical growth, supports healthy digestion and supports healthy emotional bonding and attachment. Wow! Now this is exciting.


Benefits of Baby Wearing in the first 365 Days.

Benefits of baby wearing in a sling baby carrier from